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4M Cup Robot

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Have fun building this unique craft robot. It performs like an acrobat. It moves around the table without falling off.
Recycle any paper cups, soda cans, bottles to make your unique acrobat robot. Have fun using anything you can find to give your little robot a fun and quirky personality.
It’s a STEAM educational project for young kids, combining arts with engineering.
Kit includes the robot mechanical module, 2 paper cups, coloured art paper, stickers, moving eyes, pipe cleaner, glue, glitter, feather, pom poms, felt pens and blu-tack. Collect more things from home to make your robot, like paper cups, toilet paper rolls, magazines, buttons, etc. There are endless possibilities!
Ages: 4+
FUN MOTION: It never falls off the table!
EDU STEAM: Creativity and Engineering




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