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Velona Cuddles Size L 32 Pcs Pack

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1. Triple Elastic Ear-Patch: let the baby move more freely
2. Prevents Leakages: prevent leg from being o-shape
3. Super Absorbent Core: imported SAP has super-absorbing performance and solid water locking, makes the surface dry in double quick time
4. Aloe Liners: natural aloe nourishes the baby’s skin and keeps it supple and soft
5. Wetness Indicator: Diaper change colour where wet, so mummy always knows when it needs replacing
6. Elastic Waist Band: provides a snug, comfortable fit
7. Ultra Breathable Back-Sheet: allows fresh air to circulate around baby’s bottom, so as to keep skin dry
, so as to keep skin dry
Relevant for 9-14Kg




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