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Velona Ezy Pant Size M-54pcs

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The Velona Cuddles Ezy Pants make diaper changes Ezy-breezy
Easy to put on
Our 360° stretch elastic band makes it super easy to put on
Easy Tear Side
Has been designed to make removal easy. Especially useful when, doing a diaper change for a ‘Big Mess’.
Advanced Features
Ensure your baby stays dry and comfy
Moving Baby System (MBS)
The contoured shape & Flexible Waistband, holds the diaper in place even during high-spirited bursts of play.
Anti Leak Leg Cuffs
Help stop leaks where they happen most
Super Absorbency
As a baby grows & passes more fluid, the Ezy pant’s super absorbent core efficiently locks away wetness.
Ensure your baby is Safe & Healthy
Designed for our tropical weather
The breathable outer layer allows air to circulate around the baby’s bottom and keep it dry.
100% Chlorine Free
Velona Cuddles is the only diaper brand in Asia to use chlorine free raw materials.

Relevant for 6 -10Kg




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