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Farlin Free Direction Manual Breast Pump

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A simple way to support breast feeding for your baby
Small, portable and convenient
Provides consistent suction for more comfortable and efficient milk expression
The pump’s ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable hold and offers complete control when expressing milk
360° Swivel handle. Suction adjustable by turning handle.
Breast shield with silicone liner, which eases the pain and massages the breast for promoting the milk flow
Can easily convert to a nursing bottle by using a cap and nipple included
Makes mother feeding to baby easy

The aspirated milk bottle can be converted into baby bottles by inserting the syringe and toilet lid.
The milk sucker with silicone gasket helps the breast massage gently and stimulates the milk to flow evenly

General considerations before using a suction machine
Using a breast pump is the way many mothers choose today. Breast milk brings a lot of advantages to the mother. However, not all mothers use the breast pump properly.
Dear moms, in order to make sure we have a lot of milk and some things to keep in mind before using the breast pump:
Before breastfeeding the mother should be comfortable, avoid angry wrangling will affect the amount of milk as well as milk quality.
Drink 1 cup milk / fruit juice / saturated before milking.
Clean hands and feet.
Cleaning the milking machine.
Light breast massage (horizontal – vertical – spin).
Wipe the towel around the top of the ti.
Wet the speakers to get close contact.
Begin to gradually aspirate gradually increase, no sudden increase will cause breast pain.
It is possible to breastfeed just to save time or suck on each side from 3 to 5 minutes / time. Or you can use a double breasted suction machine to suck up both breasts and save time.
Dissolve the milk in the milk storage container for the refrigerator (keep cool for 3 to 5 days, prevent ice -16 degrees C for 6 months and – 18 degrees C for 12 months)




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