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Safety 1st Secret Button – Flex Lock

Rs. 3,000.00

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Curious kids try to get into anything and everything, but the Safety 1st Secret Button Flex Lock helps you keep them out with the first ever decoy button. Your child will think that the decoy button opens the lock, but pushing it has no effect. You’ll know that the flexible surface hides the actual secret to opening the lock.
It installs easily with no drilling required. The adjustable straps let you get a customized fit for cabinets with hardware up to 8 inches apart and can be used on cabinets with either knobs or handle pulls. For periods of non-use, this cabinet lock hangs conveniently out of the way, but stays close for when it’s needed again.
In side by side comparisons with leading competitors using real life toddlers, the Safety 1st Secret Button Flex Lock was strong enough to keep even the cleverest of toddlers out. Even in lab testing using state of the art mechanical pull force equipment, Safety 1st outperformed the competition. Toddler Tested. Proven Stronger.

Prominent decoy button can be pushed by child, with no effect

Flexible surface hides functional buttons in plain sight

Easy installation with no drilling required

Fits on both cabinet knobs and handle pulls

Hangs conveniently out of the way for times when it’s not needed

Adjusts to fit cabinets with hardware from 3″ up to 8″ apart

Proven stronger against leading competitors in mechanical pull force tests – and with real-life toddlers (as of September 2017)


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